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According to Inside-IT, the former students would be working on the self-driving car project.

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Even on an accelerated timetable, Apple is likely multiple years away from a completed hardware design for a car. On April 28, , less than two weeks after Apple was given the all-clear to trial driverless cars on Californian roads, images emerged of a Lexus RXh decked out in autonomous car tech leaving an Apple facility. The photos, which were supplied to and published by Bloomberg, revealed a car that was kitted with a number of sensors, including channel lidar, two radars, and several cameras.

Importantly, these sensors appeared to have been bought from third-party manufacturers, rather than having been custom-built by Apple itself. These vehicles are supposedly being used to test autonomous driving software. The company has been on quite the hiring spree, specifically recruiting individuals with experience in vehicles particularly electric , autonomisation and AI , and materials research. However, Musk later backtracked on his comments, tweeting the following:.

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But do we have any idea who specifically might be working on the Apple Car? Wikipedia has compiled a list of individuals that may be involved with the project:. Zadesky had worked at Apple for 16 years, and led the Apple Car project for two years; prior to that, he worked as an engineer at Ford Motor Co. Related: 9 creepy ways robots are replacing humans. In spite of how vague the rumours about the Apple Car have been thus far, most sources seem to agree on a launch time frame. Apple investor tycoon Carl Icahn says Apple is eyeing , which is echoed by a Bloomberg report.

That might seem far off, and so it should; developing a vehicle is no mean feat.

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But is it already too late for Apple to enter the car business? Speaking during an interview at the Code Conference in California, Musk said:. Apple CarPlay. There is absolutely no reason to assume that Apple is going to be financially successful in the electric car business. The Toyota Prius, a full hybrid electric mid-size hatchback. However, Anderson described how technology companies like Apple — which have a longstanding history in computing systems — have a good shot at overtaking traditional vendors. Nvidia currently builds computing systems for cars, and is developing technology for a self-driving future.

The firm, best known for its graphics cards, has a number of partners in the car space, including Audi, BMW, and Daimler. But despite these doubts, all things point to Apple trundling along towards its launch window. Ford autonomous driving technology at CES Butler said he believes both Apple and Google can create successful car franchises, and is excited to see competitors join the industry. I think Google can do it.

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Our working assumption is that they are, and that again provides us the right motivation to make sure that we stay very focused, not only on the product, but overall on the experience that the customer has. What does that tell us? It tells us that the Apple Car, at least in early design stages, will be big enough to carry at least five people.

It also tells us that Apple might not be eyeing direct competition with the BMW i8 electric supercar. The BMW i8. While Apple products of sported a host of paintjobs in the past, it has recently tended towards a select few hues. Jean Louis-Gassee, a former Apple executive writing for the Monday Note , explains that Apple may just offer a single colour option. The images show what look to be a detachable steering wheel with a large — and probably touch-sensitive — display running the length of the dashboard.

Related: What is Google X? Two of the most commonly asked questions about the Apple Car are whether it will be 1 electric, and 2 driverless. So if the future of cars is electric, and Apple is building a car for the future, it makes sense that the vehicle should be electric. But the question of whether the Apple Car will be driverless is a little tougher to answer. While electric cars have certainly come to the fore, driverless vehicles still attract plenty of scepticism.

Apple Car leaks and proof – Is there any Apple Car evidence?

Our best guess is that if Apple wants to hit its rumoured deadline, it will need to focus on electric cars initially. To create a driverless vehicle will require a significant amount of development, and not just on the part of Apple; our governments still have to develop road infrastructure and legislation to the point where autonomous cars can be realistically used in public.

Take, for instance, The Guardian report from 14 August that claims Apple is eyeing a testing ground for autonomous vehicles at a former naval base. So whether or not Apple is developing an autonomous Apple Car, it appears that the company has, at least, shown some interest in driverless technology.

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Related: What is Google Project Wing and when will it take off? The BMW i3. Jefferies and Co also predicted that Apple will sell at least , units of its very first vehicle.

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