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Blocks This plugin provides 1 block. Adding your first map marker To add a marker to your Google map, scroll to below the map in your admin section and enter the address or GPS location in the Address input field. How do I add a map widget to my widget area? Functionality is probably the most you can find in a plugin, but the plug in is constantly breaking. Over the last year, I've had my maps critically broken three times, and functionally broken many more times just from updates.

Sometimes they are fast to fix the bugs, sometimes it takes days. And if you want to fix the code yourself, good luck - the code is a mess. I used the possibility to contact Google Maps and got help of Abel. Within one day he fixed this problem for me.

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Thank you very much, Abel, for this rapid action. Now I can update my website again!!

I ask them so much This plugin and the support are really cool and the pro version is well worth his price. Allows you to place nothing but a basic google map. Then it adds ads everywhere you click on it to their pro-version. Spam needs to be removed from the database. Tired of severely crippled items being used as nothing but a sales pitch. Also opens pop-under windows when you install. Interested in development? EventDispatcher not handing some native events over to DOM correctly 7.

Short code flag is now set by short code callbacks Fixed notice in legacy-core. OLMap returning zoom one level too far in fixes map zooms in one level on save 7. Added a check to the front end to only display the map if there is an Google Maps JavaScript API key saved Fixed bugs that caused PHP warnings within the store locator UX improvements to the welcome page Fixed a bug that caused a JS error as a result of the previous versions new tab support 6.

Updated timthumb to version 2. Add classes to the google map store locator elements 6. Now falls in line with the map width. Added more options to the map settings page Fixed a bug that forced a new geocode on every marker edit, even if the address wasnt changed Updated TimThumb from 2.

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Turn the first right on Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto. These parking places are free of charge and the university assumes no responsibility for the vehicles e. There are some restricted parking lots. Above you can see all the parking lots located close to FEA. It is also possible to park on the streets no parking ticket needed.

It is important to point out that the access to campus is restricted to private vehicles from 8pm until 5am on weekdays and after 2pm on Saturdays. For more information, click on the link bellow. There are no drugstores on the campus. The drugstores are:. Hospitals and emergency rooms.

The health services in Brazil are free of charge. We recommend the participants, however, to get a private health insurance. The Brazilian SUS offers the following services:.

Visiting Cincinnati Children's

SAMU Works 24 hours a day, every day, and you can reach them by dialing The phone call is free of charge and you can call them using a local landline or a cell phone. SAMU provides urgency and emergency medical attendance by using ambulances, which assist patients in private residences, work places, and public roads.

The SAMU team gathers physicians, nurses, nursing auxiliaries, and rescuers, who are responsible for emergencies regarding traumatology, pediatrics, surgeries, gynecology and psychiatry.

How To Share/Send Any Location From Google Maps to HERE/Sygic Maps on Android !

UPAs attend patients suffering from severe injuries, especially with regard to surgeries or traumas. The staff first analyzes each case to then decide if the patient should be transferred to a hospital considering the complexity of the case.

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Brazil does not require the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis for foreigners to visit the country. It is recommended, however, that tourists that want to visit areas with a high incidence of yellow fever get properly immunized.

Getting Around the Hospital - Brigham and Women's Hospital

We have listed below some of the places that might please all participants. In some ATMs it is possible to withdraw cash by using international credit cards. The map below shows where all these banks are located. There are two places near FEA where money exchange is possible:. Exchange: Pounds, dollar and euro from 11am until 15pm. It is necessary to bring your passport with you. Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 10am until 8pm; Saturdays from 10am until 6pm; Sundays from 2pm until 7pm. Before coming to Brazil, make sure if you need a visa by checking all information on the website of the Brazilian Foreign Office.